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Review: Corpse Party – Book of Shadows

I was just remembering the last time I played Dead Space. You know, when I pointed a gun at a necromorph… and shot it! Man, that was some intense shit, dude. Did you know it’s better with Kinect? *ka-ching* Thanks EA. *sniffs money* What do you mean, I’m a little late for that joke? What joke? Am I missing something?

So yeah, horror games. Strange subject that is. Some build up the tension by having a creepy atmosphere, some surprise you with jump scares and others just freak you out with cruel footage. But they all have one thing in common: the mystery surrounding the game ceases a little after the first game, and you’re left with just mostly violence. Is that the case for Book of Shadows as well? Let’s look into it. And don’t worry, just like with the review about the first game, I won’t spoil anything.

I mean, you did read that review and then played the game, right? You better do it and return afterwards, or Nana’ll get mad. JonTron reference anyone? No? Okay…

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Review: Gravity Rush


And flashy signature pictures for us so our blog posts look less empty and so it’s easier for you to identify us! Yay! False enthusiasm!

But yeah, that aside… SCIENCE! Isaac Newton, inventor of gravity, did a great job! Without his help we would still float around helplessly in a world without something that keeps us on the ground. Why couldn’t Adam and Eve do this much earlier? They had the apples and the opportunity. Ah, but I bet their overprotective father didn’t want them to do something useful instead of loitering around and not doing anything like the lazy snobs they were.

*cough* So, today’s game is all about gravity. Prototype 2 is an open-world action-adventure ga- … No, it’s InFamous 2, was it? Assassin’s… Creed? … Oh, that’s right, Gravity Rush. Says it right in the title, silly me. Gravity Rush (or Gravity Daze in Japan – though the katakana could also mean Gravity Days which would make a lot of sense actually… maybe the wordplay is intended?) is an open-world action-adventure game for the PS Vita that uses most of the device’s mechanics and was released a few weeks ago.

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Review: Corpse Party – Blood Covered

(A notice of warning: most of the links in this blog lead you to YouTube videos that don’t have anything to do with the review. Only access them if you are bored and in a safe place. Seriously, check before you click. You have been warned.)

Oh shit, I have a bag of milky ways!

Happy Halloween y’all! Let’s celebrate this day by… what, it’s spring? … But… but I’m reviewing a horror game… Alright, I… I can do this. I’m… I’m not starting to cry because of something small like this… It’s not Halloween, that’s perfectly fine… *sob*

… What do you mean, you can’t hear voice inflections in text? … Whatever. Now what is this actually all about? Corpse Party – Blood Covered is a horror adventure game for the PSP, available on PSN. The original version being made in 1996, it returned as this remake in 2008 for PC, and 2011 for the PSP. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything important in my review. You should also be over 16 years old before reading on, it could get a bit bloody. This game, despite having 2D graphics, anime artwork and rather easy gameplay, was able to freak me out way more than most other horror titles. Both the atmosphere and the story are just great, and… why am I even talking about it? Play it!

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