Affiliated Artists

Grynax: Casually insane and always ahead of myself and everyone else. You included. Even if you’re me.

  • Identity: Immortal (until I die)
  • Origin: Over there (no, there)
  • Weapon of choice: Kitchen knife (disguised as a longsword)
  • Personality: Glasses
  • Item drop: Glasses
  • Bounty: Glasses
  • Capture level: Steak
  • Special ability: Avoiding death (does not include gaming experiences)
  • Pro: Adventurer looking for mighty adversaries (boss rush mode? WHERE?!)
  • Contra: A very challenging run and gun action shooter series from Konami (if you’re asking me which games I hate, it’s the ones that have the same boring concept over and over again)
  • Weakness: Not fire (I swear)

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