About Sutobeya E.M.

“Uh, hi. I’m an intern working for this website and totally not one of the two creators. This website is dead. And by dead I mean anything but the things we, uh, they planned to do. So… go away. Now. Stop reading this.”

Sutobeya Entertainment is an evil organization a bunch of bored people. We like to do stuff we like to do. And that alone gives us the right to talk about stuff we liked, primarily artsy stuff. The Internet makes it possible. And because we are on the Internet, you shouldn’t take us too seriously. Neither do we.

Sutobeya Entertainment Magazine was created in the early year 2012 and is an open platform where people from Sutobeya can express their feelings about various kinds of topics, primarily gaming and other modern visual culture. All our opinions are unbiased and we are not getting paid for saying ‘this is good’ or ‘this is bad’.

The Actual Story: After co-creator BadassDemonlord finally snapped by reading the words ‘repetitive gameplay’ for the 9004th time in a video game review, he insisted to create a blog so he can write his own opinion about video games. Co-creator Grynax answered:”Whatever.” They then decided to blog not only about games, but other media as well. At least that was the plan. We know this is going to get horribly wrong at some point, and you should know too.

If you want to join the Sutobeya Entertainment group or just receive our support by advertising your artistic work in our blog, send us an application to Be it visual art, a game you made, coding, video editing or a parody, anything goes. There are no limits to art, and we try our best to give you our full atten— hey, look! A butterfly!

Caution! Some of the of content inside the Sutobeya Entertainment complex is related to or inspired by modern japanese culture. If you don’t like that… well, sucks to be ya.


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