Random News: Modern Gods and Medieval Demons

23 Jan



HOW IS- Alright, let’s just say sorry first for being a little late, but I had to wipe all the coffee from my screen first. Y’know I was trying to study for my exam this saturday, minding my own business when suddenly I notice how there are suddenly a lot of Tweets about a single subject, something awesome I would almost not have noticed due to my increased absence from the internet. Just… just take a look.

Back to my initial question: WHAT IS THIS? HOW IS IT A THING?!


I have no clue what this is about, but the evidence we have is sufficent enough. All I know is that I WANT IT! I mean, two of my most loved franchises combined into one game, this is the best fangasm-inducing message since Project X Zone!!!

Nintendo, you have won. I surrender. I will get a Wii U. This was the trigger that decided on it. I thought Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was good news already, but DAMN. That’s it. I’m out of words I could say about this. Except: fuck all talk about PS4 and 720. Sony and Microsoft, look at what Nintendo does and learn from it. Consoles alone will not bring you success, it’s the library of available games that does! Look at the Vita, a technically advanced beast. Think about that before even thinking about a new console! Cheers!

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