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The Moore Log: Final Fantasy III

Hey y’all! Happy post-Halloween everyone and welcome to the only space I’m provided with to talk about Final Fantasy games and more! Before I continue with the third installment in the series, let’s take a look at something else first. Squeenix was holding a Final Fantasy Super Fan contest. Fans of the series had the chance to prove they are the most determined of their kind by making a video about why they should receive the title and the grand prize of having your name listed in the credit roll of the next Final Fantasy game. Wow! Too bad I misunderstood the purpose and lost by default. I thought we were supposed to decorate a fan with Final Fantasy stuff to make it a ‘super fan’ and film it for a minute or less… Whoooooooops…? Well, you can’t spell Fantasy without ‘fan’, right? Heh, I’m so witty today.

Well, no, of course I didn’t. I wouldn’t be the right person for this title. In fact, I think no one would. In the eyes of Square Enix, the greatest fan is the one with the biggest collection of merchandise and costumes, the person that shove them the most money into their throats, while in my own eyes, it’s the person who spent a lot of time with the series, knows every game inside and outside and loves each installment equally. Let’s be honest: no such a person exists in this dimension. And if a person like that does exist, I envy him he or she probably didn’t even know about this contest in time.

So that’s that! Now let’s take a look at Final Fantasy III. And no, it’s not Final Fantasy VI, you silly old generation people. Here at the Moore Log, we do the counting the japanese way. Well, technically it’s roman numerals BUT I DON’T CARE!!!

So Final Fantasy III is a game. Yup. Definitely a game. I’m not so sure of it sometimes, but yes, according to the Wiki, it is. It’s also very similar to the first Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy, as it doesn’t have pre-named main characters like Final Fantasy II did. That is, until the DS remake came up.

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