Random News: Travel Issues and Heart Attacks

21 Sep

Ah, finally! Back from my vacation! (Wait, why did I say finally? I didn’t want to go away from there! School uniforms!!!) So, I was in England for ten days (school uniformseverywhere…), made my way through places like Liverpool, York, Stratford, Bath, Torquay, Exmouth, Stonehenge, Brighton and – of course – London.

And this brings me to this small article, the very first that is not (entirely) about media technology. Huh! What’s going on in here?! … The walls are getting closer…!

Just kidding. About the walls, I mean.

So what is it that’s important enough to break the tradition of writing only about video games and movies here? Well, first of all, this was bound to happen. Yes, we are writing a ton of video game related blogs (when we feel like it), but in the beginning, this blog was simply supposed to be a collection of our opinions on… just about anything. That’s how the Internet works, boys and girls, everyone has a shitty opinion, except you!

And in England, in Torquay to be specific, I came across something I instantly fell in love with. Lavender Ladies, they are called. A parody exhibition in the Torquay Pavilion Shopping Centre, showing a group of violet and purple clothed dolls, staring at the audience. Creepy? Maybe. I’m actually scared of puppets and dolls. But these! They were way to cute to be creepy. And the explanation for the exhibition itself was brilliant! Here, take a look (click on the pictures to zoom in).

I don’t know what it is that makes them this cute. Is it the frilly clothes and obscure hat, looking like something a Touhou character would wear? Is it the wide smiling face a Hidamari Sketch character would make while staring into the naked sun?

I don’t know what it is. But I know one thing: They were adorable enough to make me buy not one, but two! You may call it lunatic or crazy or plain stupid, I call it… determined. And yes, you can actually purchase them in three different sizes at a near shop called Therapia, and only there. They are unique to this place, and thus, a true rarity. They are handmade (seriously, you won’t find two that are exactly the same), and come with a small bag of lavender, giving you a damn good smelling doll! Was this worth a whole article?! Yes it was! Just look how cutHNNNNNNNG-! *collapses from heart attack*

*grabs core drill necklace right during last breath* No! I can’t die like this! Not now! *cough* There’s still… Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita… coming out in Europe, spring 2013. Look forward… to my review that will pierce the heavens-! Che-cheers! *cough* *thud*

Totally worth it!

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