The Moore Log: Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

01 Sep

Hey y’all Space Monkies! (If you get this reference, it means you actually had to use a -helpful- walkthrough for a Final Fantasy game during the last decade and went to the Final Fantasy wiki to get it. So… congratulations on that.)

–[Legal note: This user is in no way affiliated to BlueHighwind or any of his work. He doesn’t even like that guy.]

Soooo, now that I have this silly business of putting an obscure reference into this post behind me, let’s return to the topic. The 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise is drawing near! As… as the title suggests, just in case you didn’t notice. And of course, a celebration takes place… in Tokyo. This weekend. Which is why I won’t be there. That, and I probably have no internal contacts to bring me in either. Maybe I can sneak in… Yeeeeeaaaah…

Despite being celebrated tomorrow, the actual anniversary would actually be in December. Shortly before the pronounced “end of the world”, which is not a good time to celebrate I guess. (Or does Final Fantasy cause the end of the world? Do infuriated aliens attack our planet because they are not satisfied with the latest Final Fantasy installments? … Not realistic enough? How about this: Tetsuya Nomura will announce that the next game in the Final Fantasy main series will be a first-person shooter and BOOM! World War III.)

I’m getting really off-track here right now. The thing is, I am a huge Final Fantasy fan. Not a fan with a lot of merchandise [because I have no money, obviously, or else this would be an HD YouTube video instead of text, holy shit there is so much text who even reads all this I can’t even comprehend wha- *chokes*], but a fan that just loves this fricking franchise… for the most part. I would in fact go as far as to say it’s my most favorite video game series of all time, including some spin-offs too. Which is surprising, considering the games I grew up with… but I’ll get to that later. First I will explain to you what’s actually going on here.

Even though I wasn’t even born when the first Final Fantasy game came out in Japan, this anniversary means a lot to me. Final Fantasy is just the franchise where a lot of my dreams and hopes, a lot of my personality and preferences originate from! I didn’t really grow up with it, but it was there for me, waiting to have a great influence on me. And so, I decided to do something special during this anniversary too. Starting today soon, I will write an… essay-of-sorts on each of the Final Fantasy games in the main series, sharing my own personal opinions and memories about them, filed under this new category I fittingly named The Moore Log. That’s something I really wanted to do even before we created this blog, and now seems to be the perfect time for it.

I started this new category because I felt it would be wrong putting these “essays” out as reviews. Because they aren’t. I’m just talking about stuff, I’m not reviewing it. Well, I am sort of, but not in the regular way. In my opinion, reviews are made to help potential buyers with their decisions, and that’s not what The Moore Log is about. It’s for talking about games. Nothing more, nothing less.

That being said, yeah, maybe I will use this new category for general video game “essays” in the future. There are times where I simply want to write about games, not review them, and I think this will help me out a lot with that… Alright then, I thank you for reading all this and of course hope you will come back for more.

Now, enough expository banter. It’s time we fight like men. And ladies. And ladies who dress like men. For Gry… IT IS MORPHING TIME!

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