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Review: John Carter (Movie, 2012)

SCIE- Wait, I already pulled that one. Heh, ‘pull’, get it? It’s a wordplay because both times were about gravity. And gravity… pulls. It pulls. Like I did just now. (I know, I’m always so witty.)

Hey y’all. Did you ever see a movie poster and thought something along the lines of, “I don’t even know what that is, why should I watch it”, did you? I certainly did with this movie, John Carter. I didn’t even catch sight of a trailer until much later. And of course I didn’t watch it in theaters back then. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. So now that I watched it on DVD (how nostalgic), I want to write a review about it. That, and because my co-writer DumbassBadassDemonlord down there did one. Personally I don’t like writing reviews about movies very much because movies… are something you either like or don’t. It’s hard to tell if a movie is good or bad. Sure, there are really crappy productions that can be at least judged in their quality, but when it comes to pacing, storytelling and characters, it really depends on the person that’s watching the movie.

Then, why am I really doing this if it serves no purpose, because you only know if you like a movie when you really watched it? For exactly that reason. I want to make you watch it. That’s my goal. Even if you’re just a bypasser, as long as I can bring you to watch this movie, I achieved my goal with this review, regardless of whether you liked the movie or not.  Oh, and I didn’t read the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs that this film is based on. I didn’t even know he created Tarzan until now. I’m just saying that I can’t say if it’s well adapted or not, so if you’re a fan, look somewhere else. Shoo!

Am I going to take this seriously? Oh, hell no. I want to have fun too.

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Random News: Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders

Not doing any research, not attending press conferences, not checking my twitter regularly, randomly picking topics to talk about: that’s right, it’s time again for the most unprepared blogger of all time. How can I even claim these posts to be about something ‘new’, when I’m weeks too late to find something? Oh wait, maybe that’s where the ‘random’ comes in.

jojo's bizarre adventure, joseph joestar, next line

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Review: Gravity Rush


And flashy signature pictures for us so our blog posts look less empty and so it’s easier for you to identify us! Yay! False enthusiasm!

But yeah, that aside… SCIENCE! Isaac Newton, inventor of gravity, did a great job! Without his help we would still float around helplessly in a world without something that keeps us on the ground. Why couldn’t Adam and Eve do this much earlier? They had the apples and the opportunity. Ah, but I bet their overprotective father didn’t want them to do something useful instead of loitering around and not doing anything like the lazy snobs they were.

*cough* So, today’s game is all about gravity. Prototype 2 is an open-world action-adventure ga- … No, it’s InFamous 2, was it? Assassin’s… Creed? … Oh, that’s right, Gravity Rush. Says it right in the title, silly me. Gravity Rush (or Gravity Daze in Japan – though the katakana could also mean Gravity Days which would make a lot of sense actually… maybe the wordplay is intended?) is an open-world action-adventure game for the PS Vita that uses most of the device’s mechanics and was released a few weeks ago.

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