Review: Corpse Party – Blood Covered

26 Apr

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Oh shit, I have a bag of milky ways!

Happy Halloween y’all! Let’s celebrate this day by… what, it’s spring? … But… but I’m reviewing a horror game… Alright, I… I can do this. I’m… I’m not starting to cry because of something small like this… It’s not Halloween, that’s perfectly fine… *sob*

… What do you mean, you can’t hear voice inflections in text? … Whatever. Now what is this actually all about? Corpse Party – Blood Covered is a horror adventure game for the PSP, available on PSN. The original version being made in 1996, it returned as this remake in 2008 for PC, and 2011 for the PSP. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything important in my review. You should also be over 16 years old before reading on, it could get a bit bloody. This game, despite having 2D graphics, anime artwork and rather easy gameplay, was able to freak me out way more than most other horror titles. Both the atmosphere and the story are just great, and… why am I even talking about it? Play it!

But before you start to play something you don’t like, let me explain the game mechanics. The story is seperated into five chapters, and each of them has multiple endings to discover: one true ending, and several wrong endings. To proceed to the next chapter, you will have to find the true ending by using certain objects in certain situations, escaping from enemies and finding your way to the conclusion of the story. Every action you take can influence the ending of the chapter, and if you forget to do something that’s necessary for the true ending, you won’t know until the game tells you that you reached a wrong end. At that point, you will have to do everything all over again, or at least restart from your last Save Point. It’s similar to the Silent Hill series, but not quite. You can defend yourself at certain points in Silent Hill, in Corpse Party, all you can do is run away… LIKE A BOSS!

A totally normal conversation while being trapped in a run-down building full of ghosts who try to kill you wherever you go, isn’t it? Well, a woman knows what she needs in times of trouble.

The story is told through dialogue. There aren’t any actual cutscenes, just text with pictures and character portaits, complete with japanese voice acting. If you watch a lot of anime like I do, you will recognize some well-known voices. That being said, Seiko (see the picture above, on the left) is my favorite character in this game anyway, due to both her voice and her character. She’s our true heroine, even though I don’t know if her butt cream had anything to do with the story in the end. Probably. This is a serious game after all.

So what’s the reason why playing this game was such an amzing experience? It’s simply brilliantly disturbing. The intense voice acting shows so convincing emotions, you feel a terrible empathy for the characters. The game shows you cruel faiths of unlucky characters. The atmosphere is generally creepy, and even if nothing happens at the moment: you always have the feeling it will, because of the background noises. By the way, you should play this game with headphones to get the ultimate experience. Also, make sure you are alone and it’s past 10 pm. To sum things up a bit more understandable: The only places in this game where I felt safe were a room with a girl staring at a wall and talking to herself constantly, and a room with a piano playing by itself. If those things are already creepy, how scary must the rest have been?

yuuya kizami, corpse party

This is Yuuya Kizami, the male protagonist of this game. He doesn’t appear before chapter 3, but when he finally does, he will save everyone! Look at him, he’s probably the nicest guy in the universe!

Aside from the playable main characters and your friends, you will meet other people who are in the same situation as you. The problem is, they are not as helpful or useful as you are. Probably because most of them are either dead, dying or ghosts. In any case, you can collect their Name Tags and receive information about them! Gotta catch ’em all!

Let’s wrap things up! This game has no shocking moments, you are just thrilled the entire time. Is there blood? There is more than enough blood. Is there disturbingly insane and creepy behaviour of the characters? You can bet on it. So if you want to experience a nice bizarre horror trip with a little sadness added, try this game out. It’s not even expensive! I also suggest to try and get all wrong endings in this game, not just the true ones. Trust me, they are worth it. And don’t worry if you can’t feel sympathy for fictional characters. In that case, you can always lean back and enjoy the slaughter. After all, this is anything but a peaceful game. Doesn’t matter if you’re a sadist or a masochist or none of them: you will have an exciting experience! Cheers!

Announcement: Winter 2012, XSEED Games is going to release Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (so this is where Silent Hill got their name for their PS Vita title from) in North America (again, PSN only) and later in Europe as well! Not so much a sequel, it involves the player into entirely new situations and viewpoints while remaining the original settings and characters. Look forward to it! I’ll make sure to write another review when the time comes!

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  1. kristi78968

    26/04/2012 at 9:58 pm

    Yuuya doesn’t seem like he’ll kill ANYONE! XD


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