Let’s begin… the Final Battle!

14 Mar

Wait, this is just the beginning? Oh, right. I almost forgot…

Alright, hey y’all! This is my first post on this blog we just created, so I thought I would begin with a solid introduction. My name is Grynax, and together with the co-creator of this blog – BadassDemonlord (don’t worry, he isn’t actually that much of a Lord) – I form the leadership of the Sutobeya Entertainment group. You can read the details in our About page, of course.

What I will tell you now is basically what this whole ‘Magazine’-thingy is all about: Reviews. Despite our group being an anonymous group of bored people who just roam around the Internet looking for interesting stuff, co-creator BadassDemonlord came up with the idea to make reviews of… stuff, and express our feelings about this… stuff. Primarily video games, it seems. You know, reviews that are not payed by developers. Real reviews. By real people. Or something like that. But how can we prove that our opinion is completely unbiased?

We can’t. But if there is even one more blog or website on the Internet that tells the truth and nothing but the truth, people will be able to see the light! Let’s march on, to a brighter future! Spread the love! *gets punched in the gut* Haha, I see! This is what love feels like!

Ahem, I admit I… kinda lost myself there for a moment. But, you’ll be able to see what I mean, sooner or later. Maybe you will even find something enjoyable you didn’t know about before we reviewed it. There is enough… stuff that doesn’t get enough attention around the globe.

That’s about it for now… Enjoy your time here. As long as you are happy, we are as well. And don’t hesitate to give us suggestions, we don’t bite. Do not forget to check out our About page either. Cheers.

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